Wireless SOS Pendant

Wireless SOS Pendant KT10-Fanvil wireless neck pendant is a rebound-type kinetic energy wireless neck pendent. This wireless button can be paired with Fanvil Y501 & Y501-Y series and X305 Big Button IP Phone for equipment control. It uses the Ebelong 1.1 communication protocol. Radio Frequency is 433MHz. Operation Range is up to 150m outdoors and up to 25m indoors. Enhance the safety and well-being of your loved ones with the cutting-edge KT10-FANVIL Wireless Neck Pendant. Specifically designed for health and aged care, this innovative device is a rebound-type kinetic energy wireless pendant that operates without the need for batteries, ensuring peace of mind that our loved ones can use this in an emergency. For sales information click here

Fanvil KT10 and 20 comparison table